Learn - Play - Win



Strategy - Execution - Success


Provide participants with cutting-edge strategies in Bidding, Play, and Defense to gain a Competitive Edge.

Managing Entries

How many times have you worked hard to establish a suit, only to find you cannot get to it! This 3-lessons class will bring you tips that are intriguing, simple, and practical. The class is hands-on with opportunity to practice and reinforce what you learned.

A Sound Approach to Slam Bidding

Sometimes a combined 33+ points small slam brought home an astounding defeat of -500, while other times you sailed into a small slam with game value hands. Do not leave it to chance any longer. Let the experts show you how to get to a good slam. Most importantly, how to stay out of a bad one.

Defense against Notrump

According to an analysis by Larry Cohen, “When the final contract was 1NT, it was set about 29% of the time and made 71% of the time (often with overtricks).” This workshop examines the Impact  of Opening Leads against Notrump contracts and shows you how to take more tricks on Defense.