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Learn How to Play Bridge

ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) accredited teacher, certified Club Director, dedicated to Beginners Bridge education. I would like to think of myself as a “facilitator” rather than a teacher or instructor. The best teachers in the world cannot do the learning for you. My role is to provide you with current, world-class bridge information using time-tested methodology to enhance your learning in the most effective and hands-on way. You will be glad you invested your time and energy to learn what Somerset Maugham calls “the most entertaining and intelligent card game the art of man has so far devised.” It will open for you endless hours of enjoyment, meeting new people and going places.   

The Mini-Workshops, typically a 5-hour day or three 2-hour sessions bring you Insiders tips on often overlooked areas of Bidding, Declarer Play and Defense to help you gain a competitive edge. 

Let me be your Guide on your quest to “Learn,” “Play,” and “Win.”


Introduction to Bridge

Basic Competitive Bidding


Essential Skills for the Competitive Player

Bridge Refresher

Refine your Bidding


 A Sound Approach to Slam Bidding

Managing Entries

Maximizing the Power of Negative Double


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